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Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign for Equipment Rentals India: Increasing Web Traffic and App Sign-Ups

Equipment Rentals India is a leading online marketplace for sale, purchase and leasing of heavy construction equipment. Small and big players all need to trade construction equipment and there was a need to first reach out to all stakeholders and advise them of this possibility.

Aim of the campaign

Equipment Rentals India wanted to inform and educate clients about their service, wanted their App downloads and transactions to happen. Hence, the aim was formulated to:

  • Update users about such an online marketplace for trading heavy construction equipment.
  • Build the brand name across different demographic regions.
  • Increase web traffic, get more App sign ups and generate hot leads.
  • Use various social media platforms to engage prospects and members of the manufacturing community

Strategy Applied

1. Use Social Media: We used different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach out to potential customers and inform them about the services offered by Equipment Rentals India. We also created content that is engaging and informative, thus helping to create brand awareness.

2. Create Videos: We created videos highlighting the features and benefits of using Equipment Rentals India, which can be shared on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites. These videos can also be embedded on the company’s website.

2. Create Videos: We created a blog site for Equipment Rentals India that will contain news updates about the company, industry trends, tips for customers looking to buy or lease equipment etc. This blog can be used as a platform for engaging with customers and building relationships with them.

4. Paid Ads: We enabled strategic paid ads on different social media platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords to reach out to more potential customers and increase web traffic as well as App signups/transactions.

5. Email Marketing: We used email marketing campaigns to target potential customers who have already expressed interest in the services offered by Equipment Rentals India or those who have signed up for their App/web portal but haven’t completed any transactions yet. These emails can contain offers or discounts that may encourage them to make a purchase or transaction on the platform.

Business Promotion - Social Media Marketz Specialization in Action

At Social Media Marketz, we found that most of the audience for Equipment Rentals India is using Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram and hence we started with a massive outreach program to reach out to the construction equipment fraternity in India.

  • We shared pictures of mining equipment, building equipment and construction vehicles and the best practices on how to use and maintain them.
  • Images of the latest models of equipment were shared and compared by the technical team.
  • We also shared videos on Facebook to demonstrate how machines worked
  • Regular updates were shared about the auctions and new projects.
  • We also ran targeted campaigns on Google and Bing with keywords related to construction equipment so that more people can find the website easily.
  • We also created a blog to share the success stories of customers and the latest news related to the industry.
  • We used email marketing to reach out to potential customers and created an email list of people who have already expressed interest in the services offered by Equipment Rentals India or those who have signed up for their App/web portal but haven’t completed any transactions yet.
  • We also ran influencer campaigns to spread awareness about the brand and its offerings.
  • Finally, we implemented a referral program so that existing customers can refer new customers and get discounts or rewards for doing so.

Outcome that Spoke Volumes

The client received overwhelming response from manufacturers, contractors and hirers of equipment. The page got more than 3000 'likes'. Since the social media activity started in 2015, Equipment Rentals India audience has grown steadily and today the web platform gets over 1000 unique visitors every day from the social media.

Equipment Rentals India continued to expand its social media presence by creating content that resonated with its target audience. The company created informative blog posts about the latest trends in the construction equipment industry and shared them on all its social media channels. It also conducted online polls to better understand the preferences of its audience and to get their feedback on new products and services.

Our team also helped Equipment Rentals India leverage influencer marketing, working with top industry professionals to create engaging content that showcased their expertise and promoted the brand’s products and services. This helped boost brand awareness among potential customers and drive more traffic to the website.

In addition, Equipment Rentals India used our targeted paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach out to a larger audience. These campaigns were carefully segmented according to geographic location, interests, age group etc., enabling them to get maximum ROI from their investments in digital marketing.

Finally, they implemented our suggestion for improvement and ensured that they responded promptly to customer queries or complaints received through their social media channels or website. This improved customer service levels and helped build trust among existing customers as well as potential ones.