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Case Studies

iThenticate - Plagiarism detection software

Detect intended and unintended plagiarism

iThenticate is one of the leading professional plagiarism detection and prevention software, by Turnitin, used by scholarly publishers and research institutions. The software is widely used to ensure the originality of written work before it is published. However, chances are the software will fail to detect unintended plagiarism due to existence of limitless information on the internet.

iThenticate ensures integrity in writing

iThenticate wanted to spread awareness about the significance of plagiarism removal from academic documents through its social media platform. Hence, we aim to:

  • Update users about plagiarised content.
  • Build brand name across different demographic regions.
  • Increase web traffic and generate hot leads.
  • Use various social media platforms to engage prospects and members of research community.

Our approach


In order to work towards the desired objective, we engaged into significant activities at Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business.

  • As a large platform, Facebook targeted reader’s attention through regular updates about plagiarism and allegations on non-compliance.
  • Newsletter and blog post sharing on the profile page as well as in relevant groups
  • ‘Plagiarism Education Week’ campaign was organised in association with Turnitin to give awareness and prevention tips to people about plagiarism.
  • A free registration page was linked to the campaign page to collect details of the prospective and interested users.
  • The core objective was to present and explain the motive of the brand and how users would benefit from it.
facebook Marketing Company


  • Twitter is the best medium for users who enjoy constant contact and expect to get updates in a brief and succinct manner.
  • With 1 tweet and 1-2 re-tweets on daily basis, the account was made interactive.
  • #plagiarism, #research, #fraud and similar hashtags were used for tweets.
  • #integrity2015 was the hashtag created to promote the ‘Plagiarism Education Week’ campaign.
twitter Marketing Comapny

Google My Business

  • Google My Business is another emerging platform in social media, where we cross shared the updates from other social media pages.
  • To promote the brand, posts were also shared about the parent company’s (Turnitin) education week campaign with relevant hashtag usage.


  • Increased engagement on all three social media profiles
  • social media profile
  • Today, iThenticate’s Facebook profile has 5100+ people liking the service.
  • The twitter profile showcases 840+ users following iThenticate.
  • The followers section of iThenticate’s twitter account also counts to 1980+ users.
  • twitter marketing servies
  • The marketing strategies for Facebook, G+ and twitter ensured lead generation in multi-folds.
  • The campaign gave a significant boost in lead generation, which significantly increased the sales of iThenticate by 30%.
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Case study 2: Bauma

The Bauma International Trade Fair 2013 was held in April in Munich for construction, mining and building machinery and we promoted the event on Facebook.

What activities were undertaken for business promotion?

Our motive was to make the event popular and gather participants for Bauma 2016, we undertook the following activities:

  • We shared pictures of mining equipments, building equipment and construction vehicles
  • Images of the latest models of equipment were shared by equipment exhibitors
  • We also shared videos on Facebook to demonstrate how machines worked
  • Regular updates were shared about the event

How did Bauma benefit?

The client received overwhelming response from the exhibitors who shared pictures and videos. The page got more than 3000 'likes'. Since it was created in March 2013, the Facebook page has been able to reach to hundreds of new industry participants. Local language for updates made the page all the more popular.

Case study 3: Redmark Editing

Redmark Editing provides top-notch editing services which are highly recommended by US and Canadian universities. Our aim was to spread awareness among people about Red Mark Editing services so that master's students and independent research scholars can place their orders.

Scope of our magic wand:

Promotion on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for 10 months

  • Promotion of Redmark Editing service on social media platforms
  • Daily updates about the company and related news from the targeted states
  • We shared email ids and website link to get an instant enquiry for editing services
  • We did survey about clients requirement through social media websites where people were asked to share their queries and vote on certain issues.

Results of our magic wand:

Redmark editing has successfully emerged as one of the biggest editing service providers in US and Canada and is rapidly growing in other countries.

  • 50% rise in Facebook likes
  • Increase in clients approaching them through Social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Launch of new services that were found to be in demand through the online survey we conducted
  • More website traffic through social media campaigns