Combining SEO and SMO Strategies

It has been noticed that in many organizations the Social Media Optimization department and the Search Engine Optimization department are kept separately from each other. You have some writers who are busy tweeting and posting messages on Facebook, while in another part of the company there are content writers toiling away to create the perfect article or prepare a strong press release. But companies who do this lose much by way of marketing strategy. It is a good idea to treat what is written on social media as content as well. Sure, it is prepared in a condensed form, but nevertheless, it is still content.

There is much that content writers can contribute to the SMO world, while SMO Agency Specialists can help the content department with new ideas for writing since they are clued in to what the audience is interested in. It is a good idea to run the social posts past an editor as well. It is commonly noticed that many of the posts that are done on social media are prepared quite casually without any thought to punctuation or grammar. Having an editor look through the posts guarantees that the material that is posted on social media is of good quality. It is also not a bad idea to have content writers work on SMO material since they will acquire expertise in both SEO and SMO fields. It is also a good idea to have SMO writers try their hand at a few articles and blogs. Cross-functional training is always a good idea and one never knows what hidden talent can be unearthed in this manner.

Optimization is always useful. These days’ even videos are being optimized so that they rank high on search engines. It goes without saying that by optimizing social media posts, it is possible for them to be ranked high and for it to be noticed easily by the people who are searching through the Internet. It could be something as simple as using the right keyword or a phrase. There could also be links posted that work to the benefit of the content strategy, SMO strategy, and SEO strategy. In just one shot the entire marketing needs of many departments could be covered. Having an integrated marketing plan not only cut costs, but it also makes it more efficient. That is the reason that companies should think about their SEO, SMO, and Content teams, all working together.

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