Digital Presence: Pave your way to online success through niche ORM services

Your digital existence nowadays matters as much as your physical being. Hence, your online reputation can make or mar your business. If you have high Google page rankings, commendable social media presence, and positive reviews by customers, then you are likely to have achieved virtual nirvana. 

Luckily, there are competent service providers who can guide you towards this mission. You only need to hire the services of an experienced team that is aware of the latest techniques for reputation management. The services include keeping a watch on online mentions about you, analysing your digital appearances, preparing detailed reports and undertaking remedial action.

If you are still not convinced, here’s a list of reasons that make availing Online Reputation Management (ORM) services unavoidable!

  • More than 80% of people search online when seeking to make a purchase. They compare product features, prices and reviews. If there is a negative review, that is sure to put off your potential customers.

  • The ranking of your website and how many people visit your website is affected by online reputation

  • Improving your response to customer grievances or suggestions for betterment will earn you goodwill and enhance word of mouth publicity too

If you enjoy great reviews then people will be more likely to do business with you. But, if you are unfortunate enough to have some iota of negative publicity, then you need to do rapid Online Reputation Management, popularly known as ORM. There are various tools through which you can judge how you or your company is faring on the search engines. 

Here are the top 5 tools through which ORM services can be availed:

  1. Awario: This is a tool that will help you to study sentiments of people across digital platforms and check if there are any irregularities in the comments or reviews posted. Plus, it tells you if there is any copyright infringement or case of copied content. It works in real time and helps to create awareness about the discussions happening online about your brand.

  2. SEO SpyGlass: This is another tool that checks the quality of back link generated from your site. Based on reports from SpyGlass, you can modify your back link creation policy and do away with spam links that negatively impact your rankings. It analyses the links and traffic generated through them. It also helps you avoid any penalties for spam links.

  3. GoFish Digital Complaint Search: Finding out if there are any complaints about your brand making the rounds on various websites is easy with this automated tool. It will search over 40 complain sites and inform you whenever any grudges crop up.

  4. Reputology: Managing your reviews on various industry specific sites and social media platforms will be a cakewalk with this tool. It can let you integrate reputation management with online marketing plans too. It is especially helpful if you have business at various locations and want to judge the reviews of customers of different places through a single point.

  5. Brandwatch: One aspect that makes this tool unique is that it makes demographic analysis of people who are commenting about your services and products. So, you will know the location, gender and location of people interested in your brand.

When you hire expert online reputation management services, they will choose and combine the best possible tools to assess and manage the reviews throughout online platforms. Hence, invest wisely and reap the highest returns through better business growth and high Google rankings.

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