How To Manage Your Facebook Page Effectively

Are you a manager of at least one Facebook page on the internet? Do you use each and every administrative feature? Facebook has several tools to help business owners and marketers make the most of their business presence.

Here is how you can use these tools to manage your Facebook page effectively.

1:- Access your Facebook pages
You could access your Facebook pages either as a moderator, editor, administrator, advertiser or analyst. Click the page you want from the Bookmarks option under Pages. Log in as your page in case you want to comment on posts or like other Facebook pages. If you would like to add specific pages to your favorites on the left-hand side of your screen, go to the Settings wheel icon.

2:- Navigate your page menu
There is a menu at the top of your Facebook page to direct you to the primary features of that page. When you log in as your page or your personal profile, you should be able to see this menu. Clicking on the very first item that you see in the menu called Page, will take you back to your Facebook page from one of the other pages.

3:- Engage with users privately
Enabling messages in your General Page Settings will enable you to converse with your audiences privately. You can only send a reply to the messages that have been received and cannot send your own messages to the others.

4:- Review your analytics with Insights
Do you wish to know how many people visited your page? Insights will be able to tell you whether your fan base matches your ideal fan base or not by providing you the details regarding the age range, the location, and gender of your visitors.

5:- Schedule your posts through publishing tools
The Publishing Tools feature will allow you to schedule your posts as per your wish. It does not matter whether you wish to publish your posts immediately or on a future date.

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