LinkedIn waves the notification flag

LinkedIn is striving towards making its services more user-friendly by introducing better features. It has launched a notification feature, which will enable users to be updated in real time about the activity that is happening on their profile. When you share some information or news on LinkedIn, and someone likes it or comments on it, you will be informed through this feature. Same will happen when someone visits your profile or sends you a message. Sounds like Facebook, does it?

Yes, in some ways, this notification feature is similar to what we have experienced in case of Facebook. Here is how it will work. A notification flag, at the top left corner of your homepage, will be added, along with an envelope denoting your inbox. When you receive a new message, there will be a red circle will appear on the envelope. The same will happen when someone has accepted your invitation, or you have received an invitation and when someone likes or makes a comment on what you have shared. This feature will enable you to keep a tab on what is being discussed about topics that you are interested in, as well as communicate faster.

Now, why this makeover? One, it empowers LinkedIn to be live and ticking, as every activity will be notified instantly. Second, it helps to move away from the all-serious, corporate image that it donned from the beginning to become more accessible and informal. The look of its homepage underwent a makeover in July, to make it more interactive and media rich. Though this feature has been launched as a web-only attribute, don’t go looking for it and be disappointed if you do not find it. It will take some time to roll it out for all users. It will be implemented on the Android and I phone operating systems also; so wait, and watch out for the notification flag from LinkedIn on your smartphone.

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