Stop Being Called Dumb and know these Simple Rules of using Hashtag

You think you are making waves on the internet and you have almost reached your dream of making it popular among friends and friends of friends and everyone else under the sun. The photos, videos, and quotes you share on the social media are liked by everyone and people comment on it and most of the stuff you share is re-shared, but have you stopped to think whether you are really following all the rules of adding hashtags to everything you share. Check out these rules and decide for yourself whether you are getting thumbs up behind your back or sly sniggers.

Understand the purpose: The real reason why hashtags exist is so that you may be able to document or sync everything that belongs to a certain category or event or type, in one space. When you click on the hashtag you will realise that you will be able to reach everything else with the same hashtag.

Keep it unique: Since the hashtag is meant to categorize and sort things in one click, make sure your hashtag is unique, you wouldn’t want to create a hashtag for something special and then lose your special memories in a crowd of other people’s memories.

Use of space: A whole lot of people think that a hashtag works even with spaces, that is simply not true and if you happen to place a space in between words after a hash, only the first word gets tagged, the rest just become part of a sentence.

Placement of the hash: It is so commonly seen that people put the hash after a word or just throw in hashes between words, similar to the use of space in a sentence. For all those people, you guys need to meet an expert on the social media marketing agency, just don’t handle the social media on your own!

Follow these rules and make hay while the sun shines!

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