Top 6 reasons why Digital Marketing Strategy should be your next business move in 2021

With the unfolding of modern technologies and preponderance of Digital Marketing (DM), businesses are doing all that they can to match up the pace. Businesses are either changing their plans of action into the digital one, or amplifying existing marketing strategies with digital advertising techniques

Digital modes of communication and marketing are more adaptable, quicker, quantifiable and result-driven. Digital Marketing benefits are applicable to both marketers as well as the customers. Let us delve into the reasons why digital marketing is important for your business–

1. Existing and start-up competitors will gain market share. If you’re not devoting enough resources to digital marketing or you’re using an ad-hoc approach with no clearly define strategies, then your competitors will gain the market share.

2. The World Is Quickly Turning to Virtual and Augmented Realities. Today’s user wants basically two things: to be engaged and to be an active participant in the brand’s messaging. Augmented and Virtual Realities (AR and VR) can fulfill both of these needs, offering brands tremendous opportunities in the field of customer experience. 

Businesses are already embracing the power of this new technology in creating brand awareness, as well as in selling individual products. IKEA, for example, has been using VR gaming technology since 2016. With its shopping app, IKEA VR Experience, its customers’ can try out different IKEA solutions before buying them. Other big players that have experimented with AR include Nivea, Starbucks and Volkswagen.

Virtual and Augmented Realities are becoming increasingly commonplace as a marketing tool for brands. The VR and AR market is supposed to be worth 27 billion dollars.  It is expected that in only four years, it will reach the size of 209.2billion dollars.

3. Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Small business have very little resources and capitalization, this is why digital marketing provides them with a better and much more cost effective marketing channels.

4. Social media has taken over. As social media has become embedded in almost everyone’s daily life, understanding the changes implemented in social networks is essential for businesses. And these change a lot. The most popular social trends right now are video, automation, and influencers, but there is much more. Dominating a single platform is not enough anymore. Your leads on Facebook are not on YouTube, and those on YouTube are different to those reading your website content. As such, the key to your success is to repurpose your content across multiple (relevant) platforms.

5. Micro-Moments Are Taking Over A Consumer Journey. People, in general, make instant decisions on what to buy, where to go or which restaurant to eat at, which gives you a span of only seconds to catch their attention. Micro-moments work, because they provide consumers with the right information exactly when they need it.

6. Voice Search Is On The Rise. Almost one third of the 3.5 billion searches performed on Google every day are voice searches, with personal assistant devices leading the way. More and more people use Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant everyday. As their capacity for recognizing human speech has improved significantly, they can be incredibly helpful in both searching for information on the Web and doing things around the house.Voice recognition technology is only expected to grow and to improve. It will bring a significant disruption to the marketing world.

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