Trends That Should Never be Overlooked in Digital Marketing

Today online marketing is playing a stellar role in online business promotions. In internet marketing, new trends evolve on a daily basis and online personals are following the same. However, they do not know what changes are required and what consequence could crop up about those changes. Yet, they need to aware of all changes that are happening in online industries. All online market engineers need to be aware of new technologies and their exact use to gain profit.

Today big giant of online marketing like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. teach us to change now according to new digital marketing trends otherwise how you will survive in the coming future.

Here are some key points that you need to concentrate on that and follow accordingly.

a) Direct Marketing:- Direct marketing is one-to-one marketing or mass marketing. Create and customize your marketing strategy according to your target consumers and ensure what they want from your business. Research says that 72% of consumers want to follow one-to-one marketing approaches, but only 40% is getting that! According to research conducted by Google, it came into view that advertisers using one-to-one marketing approaches via mobile, TV and online, got 74% brand recall.

b) Social Networking:- Social network is a place where consumers can directly interact with your business. Social Media Branding Company generates more traffic to your sites if done properly. Create a fan page on Facebook, which has 1/12 of world populations, and optimize that one. It is a cost-effective way to establish a direct connection with consumers and engage with them.

c) Location-Based Approach:- It is one of the best trends of today’s online marketing. Google algorithm has changed and following location-based content searches; it means the algorithm delivers results according to the locations. Deliver high quality and meaningful content that is an important part of a business digital marketing strategy. These advertising approaches instantly increase your online marketing conversion rate when done right. What should do to follow this approach:

  • Use location-specific domain IP

  • Create a mobile-version or responsive website

  • Use Adwords campaign to a demographic target

  • Claim your Google place listing

d) Video marketing:- As per recent research conducted on Internet Marketers, over 1.3 million videos are watched per day in the US alone. Marketing by Video is one of the best and easiest ways of online marketing to ensure loyalty among consumers. Therefore, place a small video on your websites and you will see your increased conversions.

e) Sponsor a contest:- It is no secret that people love prizes and giveaways. Sponsoring a contest is a great way to new buyers into the fold. Create a press release about your contest, post it on a social media website and encourage more points of connection by offering incentives like double entries for shares and tweets.

f) Join local business groups:- Joining local business groups like the Better Business Bureau or your local Chamber of Commerce may require some initial investment, but you will see ROI, as these well-respected authorities provide respected advertisement and enhance credibility.

Marketing trends change from time to time, so no worry about that. However, if you want to turn around the prospects of your website, be sure to hire a premier digital marketing agency in India, for example, Social Media Marketz and see for yourself how the company will act as a catalyst to grow your business spectacularly.


Video marketing is the latest trend that works like wonders

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